Recommended Resources on the Psalms

The great book of Psalms is filled with both joy and sorrow, of praise and heartache. Ultimately, every psalm engages our minds and our hearts to find our trust in God alone.

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Want to dig deeper into the book of Psalms? We recommend the following resources:


Praying with David and His Friends       

by Glenn Layne

In this book, you will find a guide to each Psalm individually. The approach is simple: enough information about each Psalm that will enable you to appropriately utilize the Psalm in prayer. In these introductions, we focus on a central theme of the Psalm and provide insight on that topic. Then we discuss the structure of the Psalm, delve into some challenging aspects of the text, explore any connections between the Psalm and the New Testament, and conclude with some thoughts on how and when to use the Psalm in prayer. A crucial part of these introductions are suggested Prayer Points and space for My Prayer Points. That last part can’t be emphasized too much. As you read the psalm, the Lord may arrest your attention by a phrase, or an idea, or even by a single word; be aware of that and make that the basis of your personal prayer application of the psalm. Then you will have truly joined the circle of prayer--by praying with David and his friends.

The Songs of Jesus book

by Tim and Kathy Keller

Two decades ago, Tim Keller began reading the entire Book of Psalms every month. The Songs of Jesus is based on his accumulated years of study, insight, and inspiration recorded in his prayer journals. Kathy Keller came to reading the psalms as a support during an extended illness. Together they have distilled the meaning of each verse, inviting readers into the vast wisdom of the psalms.

Reflections on the Psalms book

by C.S. Lewis

In this wise and enlightening book, C. S. Lewis—the great British writer, scholar, Christian apologist, and bestselling author of Mere Christianity, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many other beloved classics—examines the Psalms. As Lewis unpacks the meaning behind these timeless poetic verses, he makes clear their significance in our daily lives, and reminds us of their power to illuminate moments of grace.

How to Read the Psalms [Book]

by Tremper Longman

Tremper Longman gives us the kind of help we need to overcome the distance between the psalmists’ world and ours. He explains the various kinds of psalms, the way they were used in Hebrew worship and their relationship to the rest of the Old Testament. Then he looks at how Christians can appropriate their message and insights today.

Psalms 1-72 [Commentary]

Psalms 73-150 [Commentary]

by Derek Kidner

For a basic introductory level commentary on the Psalms, this is a great place to start. The comments are clear and very concise, but always reflect the extensive learning and insight of the author. This introduction and commentary will inspire and deepen personal worship.

Found: Psalm 21 [Children’s Book]

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

From the bestselling author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, little ones will fall in love with this padded cover board book that reminds them of Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

Introduction to Psalms [Free Course]

by Crossway

This online course combines the text from the ESV Study Bible and a video from the Read Scripture project to help you get a firm grasp on the book of Psalms.