Upward Sports

Help Kids Discover Jesus through Sports!

Upward Sports helps church leaders leverage the power of sports to connect with families in their community. Upward's mission is promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports.

Here at Trinity we believe that both the spiritual and physical development of children are important and we use Upward Sports to promote both.  We use the platform of Upward to share the love of Jesus Christ with our players, coaches, and their families.

Ways To Get Involved:

  • Coach - Help train, practice, and guide a group of basketball players, football players, or cheerleaders throughout the 12-15 week seasons. Practices are once a week, and games are on Saturday morning and afternoons.
  • Referee - Suit up with the striped shirt and help our kids have fun while keeping the rules at our Saturday morning/afternoon games.
  • Setup/ Clean-up Crew - Give an extra hand to our staff on Fridays or Saturdays as we serve the teams and families of Upward!
  • Concessions - Help with the setup, management, and clean up of our snacks and concessions on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Who can Get Involved: Adults and Youth are welcome to help out!

How to Get involved: - To join the team, contact Steve Sturgeon - info below.

Want to Get Involved?

Contact Steve Sturgeon.

Steve Sturgeon