Community Meals

Bring Together Our Community for Food and Fellowship!

Every Thursday evening, we serve a meal here at the church for folks in our community. It’s a great way to serve in our community, extend the love of Christ, and connect with others beyond our church family - though they are welcome too!

What’s Involved - You and your team are in charge! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Prep the Coffee and Drinks - Make a few pots of coffee at the coffee bar and set those out with sugar and creamer by 3:45 pm. Water and lemonade are available for you to set out too.
  • Prep the Meal - You’re the chef! You decide the menu, get the groceries, and prep the meal. Usually, folks will make some kind of casserole or prepare sandwiches for the main dish. Or you can make some kind of meat and serve some sides to go along. Folks also usually offer a salad, a fruit, and a dessert. Teams often purchase the food themselves as part of their service, but the church is prepared to help with costs if needed.
  • Prep the Dining and Serving Tables - We set up room 113/115 by the kitchen as our dining room. Usually, the tables will already be set up. But if not, your team will need to set them up with chairs. You will also need to set up the serving table with plates, utensils, cups, condiments, etc.
  • Pray - When dinner is ready to serve, you can bless the meal and invite everyone to come and be served. We usually shoot to begin serving around 4:30 pm. Serving usually wraps up close to 5:20-5:30.
  • Clean Up - As folks finish up, you can bag up any left-overs and send them home with anyone who wants them. Then, you just need to clean up!

Who Can Get Involved - Anyone can serve! Get together your family, your small group, or just grab some friends!

Other Notes - The church kitchen is well equipped with most everything you will need!

Get Involved

For more information, or to get involved, contact Jen McKee!

Jen McKee

419-618-0063  - or -  419-731-4139