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  • Armor of God Bible Study

    Click on the Google Link to get the full copy of our "Armor of God" Bible study

  • FREE subscription to rightnow media

    As a church we subscribe to RightNow Media - and every person in our congregation can use it! RightNow Media is a web based resource of over 14,000 Bible studies and Christian resources.  If you would like to be a part of it - follow this link to get started for free!

  • FINDLAY AREA Walk to Emmaus & Chrysalis

    The Walk to Emmaus is a 3 day spiritual retreat weekend for adults.  Chrysalis is a spiritual retreat weekend for high school students and young adults.  Click on the Walk to Emmaus logo to go to the Findlay Area Web site.  Please call the church office if you are interested or have questions!

  • Wedding preparation form

    Click the following link to get to a Google Form for to prep for your wedding and counseling with Pastor Jim.  Fill out what you can and feel free to email or call me with questions! Thanks, Pastor Jim!

  • take the 5 love language quiz: Couples, singles, children, and teens!!

  • Passion Projects devotional 2019

    Click HERE to read our PASSION PROJECTS 2019 Devotional: a compilation of 40 stories and projects from our people here at Trinity. Use it as a daily devotional as we journey toward Resurrection Sunday!

Administrative Council and Leadership Resources

As discussed in our 3/15 Administrative Council here are selected sites for additional Internet research on the United Methodist Church and its future. Thanks to Jack Helmer for his work to compile this list.


Additional resources  

03/08/22 Council of Bishops is requesting a declaratory decision from the Judicial Council on whether an annual conference can separate from the denomination under the provision of the Book of Discipline

            03/08/22 The politics of postponement

            03/04/22 UMC prolonged split ramifications

            03/03/22 Bishop Palmer: “{separation}will be undertaken with dignity and grace…I desire that none leave…we have journeyed together to bring that desire to be fulfilled with little or no fanfare but always with respect and love.”

            03/03/22 Wesleyan Covenant Assn’s Sixth Global Gathering, Indianapolis

            03/03/22 GMC video 1min11sec

            03/03/22 GMC will launch May 1

03/03/22 Transitional Leadership Council

03/03/22 UMC Resist Harm action movement: “hold in faithful abeyance anti-LGBTQ+ complaints related to the celebration of Christian marriage with LGBTQ couples and those related to the ordination and ministry of LGBTQ+ clergy.”

            03/03/22 avoidance of UMC to allow disaffiliation

            03/03/22 alternatives to GC postponement

            03/03/22 GC Postponed to 2024

            03/03/22 UMC issues leading to split

            03/22 BeUMC Promotion of diversity

            02/10/22 Missouri disaffiliations

02/09/22 Annual conferences may develop additional procedures and standard terms (

            02/08/22 Disafiliation court cases are building

02/04/22 West Ohio Annual Conf to be virtual June 2&3

            02/04/22 “the outlook for holding General Conference this year does not look good”

            02/02/22 Progressive UMC

            01/26/22 Debates

            01/25/22 10 Takeaways from the North Central Jurisdictional Conference

01/18/22 Bishops renounce WCA proposal to help foreign delagates attend 2021General Conference

            01/18/22 History of UMC progressivism since 1972 ® 50 years

01/04/22 Rick Warren, Finishing Well, Church Leadership Rod Martin, Keith Boyette

01/06/22 UMC So Baptist Developments

01/22 Disaffiliation depends on the Bishop, some of whom are taking negative intimidating action on outspoken members/clergy re: keeping one UMC and preventing split rather than separation

12/21/21Pastor Bryan Bucher of the West Ohio Conference, Westwood UMC, Cincy

‘Centrist’ Leader: No More Asbury Grads in Post-Separation UMC (psUMC)!

            12/03/22 Recommended budget cut by 1/3 beginning 2023 to 407M, disaffiliations will accelerate cuts see tabs on Bishop Bard’s Ruling of Law, Delegates commitment to LGBTQIA+, Covenant and Grace Letter, etc.

12/01/2021 hold off action re LGBTQIA+

            11/22/21 Deciding exit rules

11/08/21 On November 4, the Council of Bishops overwhelming approved A Narrative for the Continuing United Methodist Church. the North Central Jurisdiction voted to affirm the document.

JH: “Correct in essence but insult in reality.” (Russian proverb)

            11/04/21 West Ohio Conference Bishop Palmer: I commend the following for your prayerful reflection and earnest conversation.

            11/04/21 A Narrative for the Continuing the UMC

            11/11/21 NCJ Delegates statement to be inclusive and allow differences to disaffiliate in grace hold off action re LGBTQIA+, pursue Protocol

11/02/21 GC expected to be ‘delayed by Covid’

11/21 Gen Conf keeps postponing the vote 2021/11/15 2021/10/08          +++

07/2021, 89 disaffiliations (31,000+ UMC churches & 54 Conferences in the US) in 2020 thru June 21 under varying financial conditions set by the leadership in the involved Conferences.

            06/13/19 Exit costs, old but notes financial considerations

06/07/21 Recommendation tabled: consider requests for ordination and conference membership without prejudice toward a candidate’s sexual ordination or gender identity

            04/25/19 ¶ 2553. Disaffiliation of a Local Church Over Issues Related to Human Sexuality—

            04/19/2021 Exits

04/16/2021 WCA Keith Boyette Exiting UMC

04/16 2021, UMC Judicial Council, Memorandum Number 1407 Petition for Declaratory Decision from the Council of Bishops Concerning the Constitutionality of Proposed Legislation Implementing the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation

Without a General Conference meeting with discussion, motions, amendment and votes, the “Protocol” becomes a nonissue. Other Decisions/Memorandums about the same time are also interesting but show little promise for Protocol progress.

01/21/21 Lack of enforcing BoD discipline (esp. sexuality/marriage vs. Biblical teaching)

10/17/17 Rev. David W. Meredith, Cincinnati, same sex marriage, charged, listed 1/19/22 West OH Conference website, still pastor


GMC Transitional Book of Doctrine and Discipline 10/2021 (103 pages)

UMC Book of Discipline 2016 (998 pages) & UMC Book of Resolutions 2016 (873 pages)