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  • Connect with God and One Another

    Connection is about deep, abiding relationship. And being connected to God and one another is “what it’s all about.”


    But the connection Jesus desires with us is not just a one-time, now-and-then thing. Nor is it a superficial, surface-level connection. Jesus desires for us to share together in a deep, ongoing, continual connection with Him and with one another - just as together, branches form a deep, ongoing, continual connection that we call a Vine. In fact, we cannot survive or be fruitful apart from the Vine. But if we “remain” together in Him, we will “bear much fruit” (John 15).


    Small Groups are places where we as branches remain connected to Jesus the Vine in a more real and intimate way. In them, we share in the love, care, and “nutrition” that comes when branches get together and invite the “vine dresser” into their midst.

  • put Love into Action

    This kind of connection involves putting love into action - making it real. Love is more than just warm fuzzy feelings towards one another, or simply desiring good things for one another - although both of these things are parts of Godly love! But love in its fullest sense is Godly action towards another person, rooted in Godly thoughts and feelings. Thus, love finds its fullness in relationships - the actual meeting and mingling of souls. And this is exactly what we seek after in Small Groups.


    In Small Groups, we share God’s love with one another by sharing encouragement, comfort, further teaching and counsel, prayer, and even correction and other “pruning/weeding” as it is needed.  These groups are also the best places in which to practice our Spiritual Gifts appropriately, responsibly, and for the building up of the Body.


    In addition to loving one another, Small Groups are also ideal spaces where new ministries can emerge - to bring God's love into our broader community.

  • Grow to become more like JEsus - INside and out

    As Jesus taught, when we remain connected to the Vine, we will grow - we will bear much fruit. And not just outwardly - although it certainly will be outward too. But being connected to Jesus means that our entire lives - inside and out - will be continually transformed into the likeness of Jesus’s own life (Matt. 7, 12:33-37, & 23). Not that we will all become carpenters or die an atoning death for the sins of the entire world. But if God’s Spirit truly resides in us, we will continually grow to think, feel, and behave more like Jesus. We will grow in the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and the works of Jesus. In fact, Jesus says that this kind of growth (summarized in the one word “love”) is the only sure mark of a true disciple. And He gives harsh warnings against counterfeit fruit (Matt. 23).


    Thus, Small Groups are places where we cultivate the soil of our lives so that the conditions are optimal for Christ-like growth. We do this by loving one another as described above, learning more about Spiritual disciplines and practicing them, getting to know God more through the study of His Word and the sharing of testimonies, and much more.

  • Multiply faith in our community

    When Small Groups operate at their full potential - connecting with God and one another, putting love into action, and growing to become more like Jesus inside and out - Christ-like service flows out of the groups. These groups truly become the “hands and feet” of Jesus. Consequently, the groups also become attractive to those outside - they become “lamps on a stand” and “cities on a hill.” Thus, Small Groups are channels for ministry and beacons of the Gospel - bright lights that invite others to become connected, receive God’s love, and grow for themselves.

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