Flag football is a growing alternative to full contact football that teaches basic skills and concepts of the game. Upward Flag Football programs are designed to introduce young athletes to the game while providing a safe environment to grow in the sport. Upward Flag Football teaches athletes the fundamental skills of the game while instilling healthy competition among the teams. Whether practicing or games, athletes are sure to gain an understanding of the sport and further develop their technique and motor skills.



Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels of play. When athletes need encouragement and fans need entertainment, cheerleaders can take your sports experience to another level because they add excitement and spirit to any Upward Game Day! Upward Cheerleading programs aim to develop each athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. Practices and Games are focused on teaching cheer skills and the foundations needed for the next level of cheerleading.


2017 Upward Football/Cheerleading Schedule

Deadline for Registration in the 2017 Fall Upward Football program is Saturday June 10.  

First Practice - Week of July 17

First Game - Saturday, August 19

Last Game/Awards Celebration - Saturday, October 7



Contact Church office at 419-294-1535 

Steve Sturgeon at 419-310-9928

Email Steve Sturgeon at Upward@mytrinity.us