You were created to experience life with other people. We were never meant to go through life alone, especially the Christian life! Small groups here at Trinity are designed to provide a place to fellowship together; share meals together, study, reflect on God’s Word together and provide a system of support for one another. It is about doing life together and forming relationships with others as we travel on our spiritual journey to be more like Christ.

Small Groups Consist of 8-12 people.

There are groups that are made of old, young, single, married and every combination in between. We invite you to get connected to a group that meets your needs as to when they meet, where they meet and who the group is formed to serve. Remember, friend or stranger, we are BETTER TOGETHER!

What Happens In Small Groups?

Small groups look like friends getting together over coffee, at lunch, circled in a church classroom deep in discussion, or playing softball together. We pray, we laugh, we study the bible or a book/topic of interest, and at times watch a corresponding DVD. Most importantly we connect through a common activity and engage in life-giving conversation and prayer.

How Often Do They Meet?

Most groups meet once a week. The length of each study varies. We encourage you to commit and attend as often as possible. Small groups are about doing life together and forming relationships, so even if you can’t attend every time, there is still great value in joining a group!

Is There Child Care Available?

Childcare varies from group to group. We do have groups that meet on evenings that correspond with the Trinity youth and children ministries and some groups welcome children. Check with the group leader for that group’s preference.

What If I Don’t Like The First Group I Try?

Not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. We encourage you to first pray for guidance and then talk with the leader to get an idea if the group fits “you”. Give the group 3 meeting times and continue to seek God’s will. Please don’t give up, we believe there is a group that is right for everyone. I am always available and would love to talk with you about small groups!