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Do you have a project around the house that you need done such as cleaning the house or small odd jobs? How about outdoor clean up?
If the answer is yes, the students on the 2018 summer teams are willing to help!
We will accept donations toward the high school and 7th & 8th grade summer trip for their services.

Projects should be completed by the start of August 2018



1.You must rent at least 3 students for each project.
2. The amount you donate is entirely up to you!
3. Do not give the students any money directly, but give donations to Chad Guined, Kalia Mast, or drop them off at the church office. All donations will be divided among the team based on the number of hours that each team member worked.
4. Keep in mind that adults will generally not come with the youth, so please
select projects that youth can complete on their own—or plan to work alongside them.



Please return forms to Trinity Evangelical at least one week before project date.

108 Malabar Dr. Upper Sandusky, OH 43351
Fax: 419-294-9133 /  Phone: 419-294-1535
Email:  or