Friday, September 29th @ 7:30 pm


Parent Pick Up:

Saturday, September 30th @ 9:00 am

PARENTS: Please drop off and pick up your student at the WEST ENTRANCE (Student Life Center Entrance)

** Please let Kalia know if student is being dropped off late or being picked up early.  


If you have any questions please contact Kalia Mast at the Church office

419-294-1535 ext 128


  • Comfy clothes to wear for the night
  • Bible, Pen, & Notebook
  • Pillow and blanket or air mattress
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Designated pop or snack


  • NO Cell Phones allowed!!!
  • No Multi-Media devices (IPOD, MP4 players) or anything with headphones
  • Anything Valuable

7th Grade8th Grade9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade

Please list any allergies, medical conditions, and/or physical limitations.


I, the parent or legal guardian, of the child listed above, has my permission to participate in the REIGNITE "Girls Night In" at Trinity Evangelical UMC, Upper Sandusky, OH on September 29 & September 30, 2017.

I understand that if my child does not obey the rules and adhere to the procedures set forth by the leadership of the "Girls Night In" Overnighter, and therefore is asked to leave the "Girls Night In" Overnighter that it is my responsibility to come get my child. I acknowledge that I have been informed of the activity and provisions for my child's involvement, and I consent to my child's participation in the "Girls Night In" Overnighter..

In case of injury or illness, the employees and volunteers are authorized to render emergency first aid and/or seek all necessary medical attention. In such cases, I understand that I will be notified as soon as possible. In consideration of the permission granted to my child to participate in the All Girls Overnight sponsored by Trinity Evangelical, I agree to hold harmless and blameless the leadership of Trinity Evangelical, its agents, employees, and volunteers, from any injury or property damage of any kind arising from my child's participation at the "Girls Night In" Overnighter.

The typed named below will be a symbol of your signature for this transportation release.

Parent/Guardian First and Last Name

I commit to following all of the rules of the "Girls Night In" Overnighter. I will participate fully and respect all leaders while still having the time of my life. I understand that if I fail to follow the rules, I may be asked to leave.

Student's First and Last Name Participating