Our volunteers and staff work hard to create a safe and meaningful Christ-centered experience for children at Trinity Evangelical UMC. We're so glad you've decided to visit us. Here is some information that will help you in your first visit to Sonlight Children’s Ministries
when to arrive

Nursery and LAMBS Junior Church (birth to Kindergarten) is available at the 8:30 service. Children’s programming (birth to Grade 6) is offered during 10:00 and 11:15 services. On your first visit, we recommend that you arrive about 20 minutes before the service starts in order to register and check-in your children at the New Family sign in station– and to allow you to get a seat in the Family Life Center. After your first visit, we recommend arriving about 10-15 minutes early for check-in.
where to go

Children’s programming is located in the west end of the building opposite the main entrance and the Family Life Center. Our greeting team will be more than willing to point you in the correct direction – just ask them where to go. Make your way to the Sign in Station where we will help you get your child checked-in.
security check-in

In Sonlight Children’s Ministry we recognize that you are putting your children’s safety in the hands of our volunteers and staff and we take that very seriously. We require parents to check-in and check-out their children.

Upon arrival, we will gather some information and generate a nametag and a security tag for your child. These tags each have a matching security number that will be compared at dismissal. Please provide the tag to the volunteer at pick up. The matching number also serves as a paging number. In the event that your child needs you during services, that number will be displayed on the screen in the Family Life Center. If you are not in the Family Life Center but in an adult class, please inform the volunteer in the classroom. If you see your number, please make your way to the sign in station for direction.

For your children’s safety, please note:

All of our volunteers and staff have undergone a screening process and criminal background check.
Our volunteers never serve alone. We have designed our rooms to have open layouts so children and volunteers are always in view, no matter where they are.
As a parent, you are invited to stay with your child to assist with transition. We ask that you provide care only for your child and allow approved volunteers to care for other children in the room.
snacks and allergies

If your child has any severe or life-threatening allergies, please let us know when you are checking-in and inform all of their classroom volunteers. A small icon on the nametag will indicate identified allergies and/or medical conditions and additional stickers are available for you to use.

Please do not bring coffee bar drinks and foods into the classrooms. We ask that your child finishes these items before entering the classroom.

Infants – Pre-K: Our Early Childhood classrooms serve basic snacks like Cheerios or animal cookies. If your child has any allergies, please make a note of it on the sign-in form and let the volunteers in the classroom know every time.

Grade K-6: Generally these ages do not have snacks regularly but if something will be served, classrooms will post that week’s snack next to the classroom door. If your child has allergies to any of the snacks that day, let the volunteers know.