This is a fun and active stage in your children’s lives. We are excited to have them and look forward to teaching them that:

God loves them
God made them
Jesus wants to be their friend forever
Our curriculum is centered on these three basic truths. Every week your children will learn a Bible story that will help them understand the key truth for the morning. Our teaching plan begins in our two’s classrooms and all activities are age-appropriate with plenty of flexibility for the normal needs of the two-year-old. If you would like to know what your children are learning, please pick up a copy of the parent cue cards located in the atrium. You are the best teacher for your children, so use the activities to talk about God with them all week at home. Please read the information below to help us make sure your child’s day with us is GREAT!

Classroom doors will open 15 minutes before each service.
Please fill out the sign-in sheet located on the counter of the classroom with any details concerning allergies, potty-training or medical issues.
We offer Cheerios and animal crackers in our Two’s room. If your children have any allergies or special dietary needs and cannot eat what we have provided, please inform the teachers and bring appropriate snacks for them.
Be sure to bring extra diapers and a change of clothes.
Label all items, including cups, snacks, diapers, pacifiers, etc.
Please do not bring extra toys, since it is hard to distinguish what belongs to whom. This can cause the children unnecessary frustration when they are asked to share something that was brought from home.
If your children are potty-training, please be sure to communicate that to the teacher. We ask that they wear pull-ups to the classrooms.
Our classrooms are equipped with kid-size bathrooms with ½ doors. Volunteers are always in view if children need assistance in the bathroom. Your child can be promoted to the Threes classroom when they reach their three-year old birthday.